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    Labor Day Check list

    Remember to thank the guests for coming out of their way to be with you on this special day. A brainstorming session with others to create and decide upon the choice of possible games to be played. Game idea: take a clear container, then fill with candy, toys or other objects and have the guests guess the number of items inside.

    Using a Labor Day Weekend party checklist is a perfect way to help keep you on track to having a fun holiday.  Take the time to completely review the Labor Day Weekend Check List below. Use it to make your Labor Day Weekend party an excellent time for all.

    Labor Day Weekend Party Check List has things to do 3-4 weeks in advance, a few day prior, the day prior and the day of the party.  This handy checklist can help you to be organized and avoid forgetting any party details.  Using our party checklist is a nice and organized way of setting up your Labor Day Weekend  party.

    *** Labor Day Weekend Check List ***

    3-4 weeks before the Labor Day Weekend party:
    Select theme.  View some of the Labor Day Weekend Menu themes for ideas.
    Create guest list.
    Send invitations.  Purchase Labor Day Weekend Invitations here.
    Date of party:____________________
      Time (starting, ending):_____________________
    Plan and select decorations.  Purchase Labor Day Weekend Decorations here.
    Begin collecting materials and creating props.
    Prepare menu and grocery list.
    Select and hire caterer/serving help (if needed).
    A few days before the party:
    Call any guests who have not responded.
    Buy groceries and beverages.
    Prepare and freeze/refrigerate food items that can be made in advance.
    Make party costume or select outfit.
    One day before the party:
    Clean house, party room facility, or office party site.
    Set up and arrange party room
    Thaw frozen party foods.
    Get out serving pieces.
    Coordinate last-minute arrangements with caterer, servers.
    The day of the party:
    Decorate party room.
    Prepare and arrange remaining food.
    Coordinate set-up, service, cleanup with hired helpers.
    Mentally "travel through" party
    Dress in party outfit.
    Await arrival of first guest.
    For those that are interested in fund raising for your community, you can participate in a fundraiser party or start your own. You can have a Labor Day car wash and donate proceeds to a children’s hospital or have a silent auction and donate it to the animal shelter. No matter what you do, you will be helping your community and having fun at the same time.

    The changes made due to Labor Day and the American labor force in the 1880s proves there is much to be appreciated. Without this day and those who created it, eight hour work days and a minimum wage would not be possible.

    Labor Day Labor Day Check list

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