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    Fashion Faux Pass Meant To Be Broken: Wearing White After Labor Day

    Remember to thank the guests for coming out of their way to be with you on this special day. A brainstorming session with others to create and decide upon the choice of possible games to be played. Game idea: take a clear container, then fill with candy, toys or other objects and have the guests guess the number of items inside.
    The maxim weighs down fashion as no other rule can: no wearing white after Labor Day! We are slaves to that one. But when can this rule be broken?

    In a word--always. All rules are made to be broken and this one is broken just for the very reason it exists. Fashion. The most flagrant example is winter white. Rich not quite snow colored fabrics adorn the best dressed in marvelous high quality suits and coats made often from wool so that there is no mistaking it for summer season. Winter white wools or angora are the stuff that declares that the wearer is too fashionable to care about the rule of thumb.

    No wearing white after Labor Day is another generation's rule for the vociferous younger generation. The youth market is filled with so many violations of this wardrobe rule that many of them would say it no longer applies at all. White is often used to accent pastel or more electric versions of pastel shades. This is particularly true in the case of ski type parkas and snow pants. White is increasingly used for hat, scarf and glove sets.

    The only place that the no wearing white after Labor Day rule is really applied is in the case of handbags with matching shoes or lightweight white clothing. All of the obviously summer purses are sort of frowned upon after the semi-official end of the summer fashion season, Labor Day.

    This does present a touchy situation in hot climates. Not only are fall and winter clothes too hot it just doesn't seem like the same season that it does in colder northern climates. Obviously in these places creative solutions are used. White gym shoes are still fine. Otherwise, darker though lightweight clothing is worn. Labor Day is a national holiday that has been celebrated for over 100 years now and people usually have big events, BBQ’s and simply family gatherings. Buy many party supplies and have an extraordinary fiesta. Banners, confetti, piñatas and foods is what this fiesta is all about.

    The changes made due to Labor Day and the American labor force in the 1880s proves there is much to be appreciated. Without this day and those who created it, eight hour work days and a minimum wage would not be possible.

    Labor Day Fashion Faux Pass Meant To Be Broken: Wearing White After Labor Day

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